Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Opera browser 9.5 is a step ahead of other browsers technologically.

Consider the nifty features below:

         • Fast loading of home page.
         • The caching and saving of web pages during browsing is just superb.
         • Synchronizing of bookmarks between the mobile phone and the desktop computer enables browsers             to recoup significant urls that would otherwise get lost in one’s mobile phone when it gets technical                 hitches.
         • Opera has an imbedded download facility that is very efficient and better still, contains resume                       support capabilities. I was able to resume my downloads many days after a server cut me off a                     mirror site.
         • However, the technical team should improve on the download speeds for Opera by using faster                    engines like bittorent etc.
         • Speeds can be increased by enabling the download facility to connect up to 8 channels that                          download simultaneously. This will shorten download times.

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