Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Many questions have been raised on how you can use your phone as a modem to browse on the net via your (desktop) computer. Here is the procedure that always works for me.

• Make sure your phone can browse the internet, if not, consult your ISP to activate data connection to enable you to browse via your phone.

• Ensure the availability of your phone’s USB cable (Blue tooth also works well).

• Install your mobile phone tools onto the computer using the installation CD that came with your phone and connect the phone onto the computer via the USB cable.

• Double-click the icon for the phone tools on the desktop to display the user interface.

• Click the browsers button inside the phone tool’s user interface to load the new connections window.

• Configure the settings (especially modem and port settings) to create a New Internet Connection for the phone through the phone’s user interface.

• Enter only the user name but no password in the connection wizard.

• Create a short cut for the new connection on the desktop.

• Ensure the phone’s modem readings tally with those of the computer by checking through the computer’s device manager.

• Make the phone’s modem the default connection to the internet.

• Restart your computer to ensure proper configurations in the system registry.

• To log onto the web, double-click the icon for your phone’s tools manager to load user interface.

• After phone has synchronized with the phone’s tool manager, minimize the phone tools manager.

• Double-click the new connection icon on the desktop to reveal the dialing window and click the “dial” button to connect to the net. Do not enter any passwords.

• Double-click your internet browser to load your home page and keep browsing. I have found it cheaper to browse via my phone. Any more questions? You are welcome.


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